By: Raymond Miller

A massage video is a perfect gift of
certain types of people. It's a great way to learn a valuable healing
art in the comfort of your own home, and share with loved ones the many
health benefits massage offers such as stress relief, lowering blood
pressure, and relieving insomnia.

Massage therapy's
popularity is growing by leaps and bounds. More people are getting
massages for pain and stress relief each year, and more and more
massage therapists are opening new business.

Being seen
as a luxury is a thing of the past. The general population now knows
that massage is important for overall well being.

However, for some people a massage video wouldn't be a good holiday gift for, despite the numerous benefits.

So let's look at 3 types of people who a massage video would be a perfect holiday gift

Anyone who is interested in massage as a career, or healing arts in general.

careers and alternative healing popularity are growing at a rapid rate
any one whose interested in possibly becoming a massage therapist needs
to practice first from a massage video to see if it the right choice of
career endeavor for them, before spending thousands of dollars on
massage school.

If they are into alternative healing
massage is an essential component and compliment to any alternative
healing technique, including chiropractic, and acupuncture.

if you know someone looking for a new career but don't know what they
want to do giving them a massage video as a gift may direct them to a
new career path.

Anyone who wants to bond better with their child.

therapy is a great tool for strenghthining the parent child bond. It
also helps children sleep and relieve anxiety. It's an awesome therapy
for any child, but can be particularly helpful in calming hyperactive
kids as well as children with special needs.

One of the
most powerful ways to convey love is through human touch. It's
something every child can benefit from. It can make them feel secure,
as well as contribute to their emotional health. If the child is an
infant they will need a infant massage video. But if they are older a
regular massage video will be fine.

Any couple that want to decrease stress, and share deeper intimacy.

is hands down the best way day to day to increase intimacy and relieve
stress for couples than anything else I know. It also adds a spark and
fun to your relationship, and just by skilled touch you can show your
significant other just how much you care without saying a word. In fact
it works better.

These are just some examples of people
who would love a quality massage video for the holidays. I'm sure you
can think of even more who would benefit from this


Award winning massage therapist and star of the "Relaxation Massage" DVD Ray Miller teaches you how to massage like a pro

in a simple step by step fashion.

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