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The Pelvic floor is a significant set
of muscles that play a major role in women anatomy. These muscles along
with other tissues are responsible to keep the pelvic organs like the
intestine, bladder and urethra in the correct body position. Muscles
may be weak or injured due to any kind of pelvic surgery, radiation
treatments, old age or vaginal child birth. This gives rise to pelvic
floor dysfunctions, namely, pelvic organ prolapsed urinary and anal
incontinence and reduced sensitivity during orgasm. Here, we can
understand the importance of these muscles in proper body functioning
and therefore, we need to strengthen them.

To make the
Pelvic Floor Muscles fit, there are various pelvic exercises. And, to
carry them out there are different kinds of pelvic exerciser available.
Let us take a close look at them and see how they can help in making
your pelvic muscles stronger and better .

Kegel Pelvic Tone Exerciser:

device helps in performing exercises as designed by Arnold Kegel to
build up strong pelvic muscles. It is specifically made for women to
avoid incontinence after child birth. For this, one must start using it
well in advance. It is in fact a progressive resistance vaginal
exerciser, made up in conjunction with Kegel exercises. With regular
usage, one can definitely experience a fast recovery from muscle
weakness with tightening of vagina muscles. Registered as a Medical
Device in the EU and approved by the FDA in the USA, its efficiency is
beyond question.

Athena Fem Pelvic Tone exerciser:

Pelvic exerciser is an advanced version with the new technology. It is
a much smaller device nearly about the size of a lipstick tube. This
makes it easy to insert and remove. Moreover, it does not require tubes
or wires as a connection to the control device. This feature gives the
users all the ease and comfort to move around while doing the
prescribed workout. To add on, it has got two pulse frequencies
setting. This technique turns to be highly efficient in treating
stress, urge and mixed incontinence.

Femetone Pelvic Exerciser:

is a neuromuscular stimulator that is used to stimulate the pelvic
floor. This results in building up and strengthening of the pelvic
floor muscles. It works on the mechanism of three built-in treatment
programmes that can treat all types of incontinences. The Femelex
electrode enables the squeeze and release exercises. Furthermore, its
light weight and microprocessor makes its functioning more conveniently
for the users.

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