Monday, December 29, 2008

By: Peter James Field

Emetophobia is the name we give to the fear of vomiting, the fear of being sick, or the fear of throwing up.

clients call the hypnotherapist seeking help in overcoming a fear of
vomiting, believing that they alone have this fear or phobia.

to this popular misperception, emetophobia is not at all uncommon. It
is, in fact, the sixth most common phobia. Knowing this, it really is
quite surprising that this particular fear is so little discussed.

this is because vomiting is one of those subjects that people tend to
avoid discussing. But perhaps the major reason is because those who do
suffer from emetophobia - in common with those who experience other
irrational fears and phobias - often feel some sort of shame for doing

These feelings, however, are completely unnecessary
and unjustified. And with the right kind of transformational
hypnotherapy, the fear of vomiting can be swiftly taken care of.

often, the cause of a fear or vomiting is not at all complex. At some
time in the past, the emetophobic individual has linked vomit, vomiting
or being sick with an intense, traumatic feeling.

has happened is that a frightening experience or event in the past has
'programmed' this fear into the subconscious mind; it has become a
'conditioned reflex'. So that sometimes even the thought of vomit or
vomiting can automatically trigger the terrible feelings of fear and

Very few people who suffer from emetophobia
actually vomit. In fact, in common with most phobias, the real problem
is not so much the fear of vomiting as it is the fear of fear.

This can loosely be classified as an 'anxiety disorder'.

good news is that no-one need continue to suffer from this restricting
and often debilitating fear. Through the medium of transformational
hypnotherapy, it is a phobia that can be successfully treated with
brief therapy.

Usually, two or three quite pleasant
transformational hypnotherapy sessions are all it takes for the
individual to permanently and completely remove emetophobia or the fear
of vomiting.

If you suffer from fear of vomiting,
emetophobia, you really can do something about it. Emetophobia can be
rapidly and effectively eliminated by working with a qualified and
experienced transformational hypnotherapist

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