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Approval of Varenicline

Varenicline is the generic name of Champix, which is the latest oral smoking cessation treatment. It is considered as an easy and effective treatment for those smokers who constantly struggle to give up smoking.

The approval of Varenicline has resulted in the successful conversion of millions of smokers worldwide into non-smokers. Varenicline has been approved for use in the UK on the NHS (National Health Service). It is also available in all licensed pharmacies in many European countries. In the US, Varenicline is known by a brand name, Chantix that has been approved by the FDA.

How Varenicline works for stop smoking treatment?

Varenicline is considered as an easy and effective stop smoking treatment that works in two ways. It reduces the withdrawal symptoms that occur after smokers stop smoking. Varenicline also reduces the urge to smoke among smokers. Even if they have an occasional smoke during the treatment, they will more than likely not enjoy it.

If you look at the statistics, Varenicline shows a high success rate as compared to other stop smoking drugs. Most of the smokers who took Varenicline stopped smoking with three months of this treatment. Normally, stop smoking treatment with Varenicline is recommended for a period of 12 weeks.

What are Varenicline strengths?

The original tablets of Varenicline are available in strengths of 0.5 mg (white in colour) and 1 mg (blue in colour). You should take these dosages according to your doctor’s recommendation. Before starting these dosages, you should set a stop smoking date.

The most common recommended dosage of Varenicline is to take 0.5 mg tablet once daily for the first three days of treatment. Take the same dosages twice daily, once in the mornings and evenings from day four up to day seven.

At the start of the second week of treatment, take 1 mg tablet twice daily and continue the same process until the end of recommended treatment period. In between, if you experience any type of discomfort, you should report to your doctor who may suggest whether to continue or stop the treatment with Varenicline.

Does Varenicline have any side effects?

Like all prescription drugs, Varenicline is not free from side effects. It can cause some common and uncommon side effects. Before starting the stop smoking treatment with Varenciline, it’s important to read about its side effects online or you can also ask your doctor from whom you do a consultation.

The most common side effects of this prescription only tablet are nausea, stomach pain, indigestion, constipation, insomnia, unusual dreams, headache, gas, and fatigue. These side effects are generally mild and may not force you to stop the treatment.

Varenicline may also cause some unwanted rare side effects in some cases. Some of these side effects that may occur include lymphatic system disorder, eye disorder, and gastrointestinal disorders. These side effects need immediate medical attention. So, report to your doctor if you observe symptoms of these side effects.

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