By: Mark Myers

Would you like to learn how to hypnotize people? Is it all a load of malarkey? Do you believe there is no way you could be hypnotized? Do you thing learning how to hypnotize people would take years of dedicated study?

Here are some simple facts.

Hypnosis just allows you to talk directly with the subconscious mind.

Hypnosis is completely natural and you have been doing it your entire life.

There is nothing mystical or religious about hypnosis (however religions do utilize it).

Helping others or yourself with hypnosis is safe, easy, and rewarding.

With this simple exercise you will know how to hypnotize people, and nullify all the misconceptions you knew about hypnosis. Ignore you prejudices from stage hypnotists and movies, this is hypnosis 101.

Have your volunteer sit somewhere with both feet firmly on the floor.

Start with a three very slow deep breaths. Have them close their eyes and relax.

Reassure them that they will completely aware of everything that will happen and that they will be fully conscious through the entire exercise.

Have them inhale through their nose filling their lungs with as much air as they will hold. Hold the breath for a few seconds and then slowly exhale through their mouths, relaxing their face head and neck as they exhale.

Breath in again deeply and slowly, this time while they exhale, have them relax their arms, chest and abdomen.

Have them relax from the waist down as they exhale slowly. Start with the hips moving down the legs to the bottoms of their feet.

Have your volunteer extend both arms in front of them.

Have them pretend there is a bag of canned goods hanging on their right arm. The weight is not immense, but they can notice it.

On the left arm tell them to picture a large bunch of helium balloons tied to their left hand.

Now, close your eyes and picture the bag on their right arm and describe it completely. Where it's from, the color, the contents, leave nothing out.

Now paint the picture of the balloons. How many of them are there. What color they all are. What do some of them say on them, etc.

Now go back and focus on the bag. Start adding cans to the bag. Have them notice the weight of the bag getting heavier and heavier as you add the peas, corn, then the green beans, constantly getting heavier and harder to hold up.

Now return to the balloons. Start adding balloons. The whole time making their arm lighter and lighter. Suggest how hard they have to pull down to keep their arm from floating up with the balloons.

Now focus on the arms. Keep going back and forth from the left getting lighter to the right getting heavier.

Within a short time of describing what is on each arm, you will notice their arms start moving. One will go up, and one will go down. They may move quite noticeable or only slightly.

Include every possible detail in your description. Have them see on both arms exactly what you see, leave nothing to chance. Once their arms have moved, have your subject open their eyes and look at the position of their arms.

They will be astounded, and so should you. You just learned how to hypnotize people.

Learn how to hypnotize people today for free!

Visit my site, dedicated to furthering hypnosis for the average person. You really can learn how to hypnotize people.

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