By: Pat Martin

Exfuze was born from a desire to offer a truly unique synergistic botanical superfood that could significantly impact people’s lives all over the world. After several years of extensive research with physicians, nutritionists, scientists, and expert analysis of the botanical realm, the dedication and determination of the founders of eXfuze resulted in the multi-botanical nutritional, Seven+. Adhering to their motto of ‘Be proactive, not reactive’, about your health, Seven+ is formulated to help you achieve your highest state of well-being. Drink Seven+ everyday to maintain your optimal health, and take action everyday to ensure your optimal success.

Unlike many supplemental products, eXfuze’s approach in developing Seven+ was to utilize individual extraction processes with each of the seven super botanicals in order to optimize their highest potential nutritional value. The patented scientific technology behind the extraction process of Seven+ has resulted in a 100% natural super food with the most bio-available formulation and optimum purity known in the marketplace today. In simple it’s a combination of seven fruits and its extracts. Gac, Acai, Goji, Noni, Fucoidan, Mangosteen and SeaBuckthorn are the fruits.

The proprietary extraction process used in Seven+ separates the botanical from its less nutritious and indigestible cellulose. Therefore the extracts are more effective and bio-available than concentrates. An added benefit of extracts is that they are far lower in sugars than juice concentrates.

Exfuze Seven:

An extract is a small particle that is the result of a sophisticated process that is intended to extract all of the components of the botanical that are beneficial, leaving behind the indigestible parts of the plant. Fulvic acid’s inherent properties have also been found to help carry constituents more easily through the membrane walls. When smaller, more nutrient dense particles are combined into a more absorbable nutrient renowned for its delivery capabilities, the end result is a delivery system that potentially carries a very high percentage of its constituents to the desired location in the body.

Seven+ utilizes only 100% natural preservatives, and is completely sodium benzoate free.

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