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Immune system supplements, both natural and artificial, are an essential part of any cancer recovery or prevention program. To learn more about the most prevalent methods and products, keep reading.

Biologic Response Modifiers (BRMs)

Biologic response modifiers basically affect the way in which your immune system responds to certain defenses and attacks. They can also help restore and regenerate damage immune system cells. They are a form of immunotherapy, vaccine and immune-boosting supplement all in one.

The most commonly used type of biologic response
modifiers is interferon. Interferon is a protein molecule that can help fight off certain diseases, like cancer. However, for treatment purposes, synthetic interferon is created in a lab and then administered to the patient to supplement the immune system. Interferon won't cure cancer, but it will improve life spans and help control the disease.

Vitamin Supplements

There are a number of studies that show some foods and food substances, such as vitamin and immune system supplements, aid in cancer defense.

The most expansive and possibly the most controversial studies were conducted by Linus Pauling. One of Pauling's more interesting works compared the longevity and success rates of individuals with similar types of cancer and who were of similar ages.

Pauling placed one hundred of these patients on high doses of Vitamin C and left the remaining thousand with no vitamin therapy whatsoever. The individuals placed on the Vitamin C therapy lived significantly longer than the patients who received no vitamin therapy.

Vitamin C is a popular example and a popular method because it has few drawbacks. Vitamin C isn't toxic in large amounts and is water soluble. That means it passes through the body quickly and excess amounts are passed through and eliminated. Essentially, the benefits far outweigh the drawbacks.

Diet and Nutrition

Diet alone is rarely claimed to be a cure for cancer. However, there is little doubt that diet and nutrition can play a major role in aiding the body's healing process, strengthening the immune system and in dealing with the effects of cancer and its treatment.

All organic diets are often touted as the ideal way to deliver nutrition-based immune system supplements while simultaneously cutting out chemicals and other carcinogens. An organic diet is one free from chemical additives, irradiated food and pesticides.

The reasoning behind this theory is that eliminating anything that stresses the body will enable the immune system to spend more of its energy on fighting cancer while simultaneously providing immune system supplements.

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