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Friday, January 02, 2009

By: Lab test

Healthcare today has become one of the most discussed issues which have forced consumers to take a closer look at their health and how their personal health is being managed. An area of healthcare that is often overlooked is the laboratory testing that occurs annually or routinely during the annual or semiannual health check-up with their personal physician. Most consumers understand very little about the results they get back from the laboratory and rely heavily on the physician to interpret their lab results. is a fresh new resource that will educate consumers with clinical laboratory testing. provides a wealth of resources to better understand the clinical laboratory testing world and what is more important, provides a glossary of commonly prescribed laboratory tests. The “Lab Test Interpretation” section is a rich database of commonly ordered tests which provides you with a description of the test as well as normal reference ranges and a better understanding of what abnormal results could be. also provides the consumer with extra resources to use a research tools to better serve their personal health. “Lab Testing Services” provides a listing of reference laboratories throughout North America as well as websites that can be used as references when further researching data for their healthcare needs.

As of now there are rate web sites available for getting information about

a) Lab test interpretation,

b) Laboratory test information,

c) Medical test information.

You can get all above information at The information provided on this portal will help you better understand clinical laboratory medicine and also provide resources to healthcare professionals to better serve their patient population. Lab Test Interpretation provides consumers a description of the most commonly ordered lab tests with test descriptions, reference ranges and insight on abnormal result

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