Is Hypnosis Real

Thursday, January 15, 2009

By: Mark Myers

If you asked random people on the street, most would tell you either they have never been hypnotized, or that they can't be hypnotized. This doesn't make it fact, only what they believe. People have been hypnotizing us our entire lives, and continue to do so on a daily basis.

Hypnosis can be defined as communicating directly with the subconscious mind to effect a change or install or reinforce a thought or behavior.

Probably the best hypnotists you have had are your parents. Have you ever watched a hypnosis stage show where the hypnotist yells sleep and they go into a deep trance? Have you ever heard your parents say "Stop that this instant", and found yourself instantly complying with their wishes? Every child instantly recognizes "the look" a mother can give from the other side of the room, that had better instantly change their behavior. This is anchoring!

Try this experiment. Find two children. Praise the first one every day. Tell them how smart they are. How witty they are. How funny they are. How nothing can stop them. Shower the second with constant ridicule and criticism. Tell them they are worthless. Show them you don't care about them. Tell them they are too dumb for that. Tell them no one likes them because they are fat, ugly, or their eyes are the wrong color. Then observe how they turn out in 18 years.

If that would take too long, the results are available today. Stop by a prison and ask the inmates which one was their typical parent. On your way home stop by a law school and pose the same question. I have no doubt a noticeable trend will emerge.

Anything we hear enough times about us will eventually make it to our subconscious minds and it will do its job and make it so. Fortunately, these programs we have gotten can be easily changed with a more direct purposeful type of hypnosis.

Advertisers make extensive use of hypnosis. They force your subconscious mind to associate their product with what they portray in the ad. Any beer ad on TV will prove the point. The commercial is shot in a well lit bar people are having the time of their life, surrounded by their friends. The message is that you can have this with "Flintstone Beer."

Have you ever seen a car commercial with the car surrounded by stop and go traffic at 8:30 in the morning, or do you see the car pulling up to valet parking and well dressed people getting out? They associate their car with luxury, open roads, and freedom. Often they want you to have brand recognition. If I tell you to Google something or pass me a Kleenex, you know instantly what I want. These name brands have become synonymous because of the constant barrage into our subconscious minds.

Now for the moral. We have all been hypnotized. We have all been in a trance (think daydream). The problem is they don't realize it. Hypnosis is not only performed by men in capes with handlebar mustaches swinging a pocket watch, or a yogi guru in the Himalaya mountains. It has been used since people could communicate. Isn't it time to begin using such a powerful tool with intent and purpose rather than go on through our daily lives completely oblivious that something wonderful lies mere inches beneath the surface?

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