Saliva drug test or Oral drug test is the ideal process for drug testing both at home and work place. These tests are equal to urine drug test in accuracy, process, quick results etc. This is an efficient form of drug testing and enables to employ the random drug testing programs. This is one of the popular drug test methods, which are used to find out any instant drug abuse.

The drugs detected in 6 panel oral drug test:

6 panel oral drug testing is a system that detects the six most commonly abused illicit and prescription drugs using saliva specimen. Drugs that are detectable using the 6 panel drug test are marijuana, cocaine, opiates, methamphetamine, amphetamines and phencyclidine. Saliva testing methods gives test results as per the guidelines of NIDA and SAMHSA cutoff levels.

Advantages of 6 panel oral drug test:

6 panel oral drug tests is an easy process and there are many advantages of using this particular test specifically for corporate drug testing-

• It is the best method to determine the current use of any of the above 6 drugs at a time.

• It is a simple and discreet drug abuse testing without any inconvenience, embracement or biological hazard risks for the donors, which are usually associates with urine drug testing.

• Completely eliminates the possibility of sample contamination, adulteration or any manipulation.

• Qualitative results are interpreted in ten minutes.

• Does not require any highly skilled training for monitoring the test.

• No need to go for six different types of tests for knowing about 6 different drugs in the body.

• The design permits a convenient collection in a lateral flow of immunoassay screening.

• It has been proven that the accuracy of the saliva drug test is equivalent with any kind of urine test that is being done in the laboratory or to the results of blood drug test.

Saliva drug testing is simple and fast processing test that can be conducted by anyone. It is donor friendly system, which can detect multiple drugs in a single test. The above information illustrates about saliva drug test and its advantages, which are helpful for everyone, who needs to choose a right type of the drug testing method that is accurate and affordable. is an online store offering drug test kits and Drug Screening Products in several formats including Blood, Urine and Oral drug test kit. offers FDA-approved urine drug testing kit as well as DOT-approved alcohol testing products. Some of the popular products are Marijuana Drug Test, Breathalyzer and Oral Drug Test.

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