By: Jenifer Carnduff

Making the decision to put ourselves or
a loved one into a nursing home is one of the hardest we face. Placing
somebody in one of these facilities is rarely the ideal situation and
can be emotionally draining. It is important to us that we take care of
our families as they have taken care of us, and negative media
coverage, as well as social stigma regarding nursing homes make facing
this dilemma even more troublesome.

addition to considering all of the negative news coverage, one must
also take into account several other factors, such as nursing home
staff, quality, environment, and life. There are so many options from
which to choose that, at first, making an informed decision may seem
impossible. Just knowing whether to choose a nonprofit nursing home,
private nursing homes or a chain can be a daunting task. Fortunately,
there are tools available to us that can help us ensure that we are
making the best choice.

When beginning your search you
should also consider and special needs you or your loved one may have
and find the facilities that are best equipped to handle those needs.
Does your loved one need skilled care which allows them access to
Medicaid which is accepted by most nursing home chains? Or would you
prefer a private-pay or nonprofit facility? Figuring out the answer to
this question can help you narrow the field of possibilities.

you've figured out which type of facility you prefer you can begin
contacting these types of nursing homes near you. Before scheduling
visits, you should narrow your search even further by conducting phone
interviews. When calling get the answers to important questions like:
"What's your staff turnover rate?", "Do you offer skilled care?", "How
much can I expect to spend with your facility?" Asking these questions
will help you to figure out which facilities you would like to tour.

touring a facility be sure to speak to the residents, any family
members present and the staff. Ask them how respected they feel, what
is the best feature of the nursing home, what is the worst? Be sure,
also, to keep an eye out for cleanliness. Although a facility may not
be brand new or newly renovated, a long standing, clean place can often
be a better choice than something new.

Long standing
homes are also more likely to have staff that have been with the
facility for many years. A nursing care home with staff members that
have worked there for a long time points to job satisfaction; satisfied
employees usually enjoy working with the residents and are likely to
administer higher quality care. Perhaps the most important thing to us
when we look into an assisted living facility is making sure that our
loved one is well taken care of.

You can ensure that
your loved one is getting the fairest treatment by becoming familiar
with the rights of residents. Nursing homes across the United States
must honor the Resident's Bill of Right according to federal law. This
bill includes but is not limited to the right to: information about
one's medical condition, choose one's own physician, manage one's own
personal finances, privacy, dignity and respect, be free from abuse and
unnecessary restraint, voice grievance without retaliation, no
unfounded discharge or transfer, be allowed visitors and to control
visits, and legal counsel. All nursing homes in the United States are
required to make the Resident's Bill of Right available at all times to
residents and their families. For a complete list of these rights you
should be sure to ask for a copy at any of the nursing care homes you

Making the decision to place yourself or a loved
on into a nursing home does not have to be a bad experience. There are
many options available and with a little bit of research it is easy to
become educated enough to make the best choice possible. Nursing home
life can be fulfilling, so long as we or our loved ones are properly
cared for. Be sure to check into your options thoroughly, doing this
will to ensure that you have chosen a clean facility with a low staff
turnover rate; a facility that regularly schedules activities for the
residents outside of the campus, and which adheres to the Resident's
Bill of Rights, easy.

About the Author:

Carnduff Narrates beautifully the complete picture of the nursing home
and pain is unavoidable yet can be constructive if treated on time in
Nursing homes.

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